Things to Consider When Roofing a Home


The roof of a home is what completes the entire look and structure of the home. It is what helps keep warm and cold air in during the hot and cold seasons. The roof can be many different shapes and sizes. It is built to withstand the pressure of the structure of the home as well as the pressures of the environment. Wind and snow can be heavy environmental hazards to withstand. Roofers have to consider many different factors when constructing a roof. What environment does it need to withstand? Does it need to be able to hold up a person? What should you construct your roof from? What shape does it need to be for proper run off? 

How does Construction of a Roof Even Happen?

First of all, on a brand new homes roof, the typical construction of a basic home is the rafters of the roof sits on the top beam of the wall of a home. Typically, large plates are also used to strengthen this joint between the wall and roof. Also, there is typically plywood or sheetrock between the attic and the home with some type of installation. This helps retain heat down low where it is needed. Also, on a roof repair situation, the basic installation is the same. However, their is maintenance that is typically needed to maintain the structural integrity as well as the installation of the home. You have to maintain the roof occasionally, just like you do with your yard. And when it comes to garden maintenance, Ryno Lawn Care are simply the best.

How Much Weight Does the Roof Need to Hold?

This is important to consider when it comes to a roof when construction is happening. Do you need the roof to be able to hold people? For example, in larger cities like Brooklyn Park it is very common to have rooftop pools or gyms for the people inside to utilize. Or does the roof need to hold a large amount of snow, such as in alaska or in colder western states. What environment is the roof in. The reason it matters so much is because roof construction will look much different. Building codes are different in all different areas of the world. So do your research before finishing your roof project. 

What Are You Going To Cover Your Roof With?

Another good point to consider is what are you going to cover your roof with? Are you going to use traditional tar and asphalt shingles. Or go with a more contemporary metal roof. There are tons of options of roofing materials depending on what the final goal of the roof is. Typically, the purpose of a roof is to eliminate moisture. So being sure that the roof is sloped at the right angles to do so is the first priority. Then consider, what kind of environment is this roof inn. Is there going to be heavy snow. Another thing to consider is wind. Wind can wreak havoc on a roof, especially in areas where the wind is super strong like tornado alley. Also when it comes to the roof, what roof repair is going to be needed over time.

What About Mold?

The ventilation of a roof is super important to ensure no grimey molds are growing in the attic. Because mold and other icky things that can grow don’t like air, the best way to ensure there elimination is to have adequate ventilation in the attic of a home. Along with that, if you have a vacuum in your bathroom, you will want to ensure that the air can ventilate out. Unfortunately, most building materials allow a certain amount of water vapor to leak through, so the possibility of mold is there. Therefore it is important to ensure that your attic has plenty of air flow. Consider hiring a roofing contractor to help with this. 

What About Gutters?

One last thing to consider when you are building your roof is how are you going to put gutters on your home. It is one thing for the water to run off of your roof, but what about out of the gutters. Gutters are important for roofers to consider because they are what ensure that you won’t have water running off of your roof over the top of your doors. A roofing company can help you with this. 


In the end, there are lots of things to consider when roofing your home. What kind of gutter are you going to use? What kind of roofing material would be best for your area? How much weight do you need the roof to handle? Consider these things.…

Who To Call For Roof Repair

As a new home owner it can be difficult to know the signs of roof damage and what to do when you find it. Often times, there are more than one thing that requires your attention that are closer to the ground and more visible every day. These things, understandably, capture your attention more, but the truth is the most important thing about your home is your roof. The scary truth about that is that waiting to long to fix your small roof problems can make it turn into big roof problems which will cost more money. 

How to Know When You Need Help

How do you know you need your roof repaired? There are some obvious signs, like pieces of roof falling to the ground or shingles that are sprinkled across your lawn, but there are some other sings to watch out for. Some of these other signs include: 

• Leaks- Dripping water from the ceiling when it is raining is a sure sign of a leak. 

• Energy bill increase- When there are open spaces in your roof, you could be losing heat and other energy. 

• Bubbly paint on the walls or ceiling- Sometimes the leaks will not fall or flow somewhere that makes a leak evident, but will go into the walls and ceiling. The moisture will raise the paint and make it appear bubbly. 

• Roof looks wavy- Though heat can reflect off your roof and make them appear wavy, when the singles need to be repaired from rain or damage, they can be wavy from being warped, wet, or misaligned. 

• Shingles are not straight- When shingles are out of their line or disheveled, that means they are no longer in their original spot and therefore not protecting that area. 

• Shingles are discolored or cracked- When shingles are discolored, they can be from consistent damage, from mold, or can even be wet. That can cause them to crack over time. 

• Stains on the interior roof- You may not always be able to see a leak. But when you see discoloration or a stain on your roof, it is water damage and means your roof needs repair. 

Why is it Important to Act Quickly

You can be tempted to hold off on getting repairs if you are only missing a few shingles. But the truth is holding off could cause more damage, costing you more money. Your house is important. Your family lives there, and you need to have a roof over their head that is strong and secure. 

It may not seem important to fix those few shingles right away but if it rains and leaks down beyond those shingles to the roof and attic it can cause serious damage. This damage could spread further than just cosmetic. You will have to replace your whole roof and possibly more than just the roof if it continues. 

Acting quickly means that instead of spending thousands on new insulation, a new roof or more, you just repair the present damage. This can be anything from a few broken shingles to a little leak and some insulation and material under your shingles that are wet. Acting quickly can save you money. 

Who Do You Call

The Best Roofing in Brooklyn Park

After knowing what to look for and finding what needs to be fixed, you need to know who to call. Who you are looking for are roofers. A roofer is a roofing contractor from a roofing company. Call a reputable roofing company and make sure that you speak to a contractor that can give you a decent proposal. This proposal should include the following:

• A Full work description- This means a very detailed description of the work that is to be done. 

• A detailed list of all roofing materials, including underlayment, flashing locations and size of nails. 

• Any warranty that is included for life or a certain amount of time.

• Time-frame- make sure that this is addressed from the start to ensure they are available within the time you need it done. 

• Any additional costs and issues needing to be addressed- this most often includes sub roofing or specific flashings.

• Waste removal- roofing is a messy job. Ensure that there is a plan of action to clean up that mess. 

• Licenses and Insurance- Make sure the company you choose has insurance and proper licenses for the necessary work.

• Permits, code enforcement and fees- there are sometimes roofing applications and fees to be processed for roof construction. 

Now that you know what to look for and who to call you can be better prepared for your roofing needs. Make sure to pay attention to your roof and what problems there may be. Then contact a professional who can help you.

Why Roofing Skylights Are Not A Good Idea

Roofing Company (1-2 times)

Roofing Contractor (1-2 times)

Roof Repair (1-2 times)

Roofers (1-2 times)

Buying a new home or commercial building can be very exciting, but there are a lot of concerns you need to deal with when the building is older. You need to consider all aspects of your purchase including the natural light that comes into the home or building. Some older buildings or homes can be dark and may require additional natural light sources. You might think that an easy fix is to add a skylight, but professional roofing companies say that this may not be as viable an option as you might think. On a recent interview with roof repair experts we learned that homes or buildings with skylights always have additional concerns for roofing contractors throughout the United States.

The Lighting Issue 

When getting enough light in the house is an issue, homeowners turn to alternative methods to getting the natural light needed for a room. One method of doing this is through the addition of a skylight. Sounds good, except that this may not be such a great idea. Over the years, every reliable roofing company has come across a number of issues relating to the installation of a skylight. As such, we want you to be familiar with the risks. 

There is no question that a skylight adds beauty to a building, but there are also several drawbacks. If you are unaware of these issues, the cost of a skylight my end up being more than you expected. If you do decide to install a skylight, make sure that you are prepared to deal with the negative effects of a skylight on your roof.


Roofers will tell you, skylights are notorious for leaks. The seals and flashing of the skylight deteriorates over time, and because of its location, this allows for leaks that can damage your home and your roof. Rain, snow and debris may cause the skylight seals to weaken and accelerate damage. Modern skylights are better and specialists say that these new products are better made and less likely to leak than older versions. However, leaking can also occur due to poor installation methods, so if you do decide to get a skylight, make sure you get it professionally installed by a reliable roofing contractor. Keep in mind that even the best skylight can leak when not installed properly.


Roofing professionals are always educating consumers about their roofs. They explain that a roof is a somewhat vulnerable part of a home, and it cannot just be forgotten. It must be cared for and protected against wind and storm damage, and a roof with a skylights is even more vulnerable. Ice, tree branches and debris can easily crack a skylight. Added to this, homes in areas with excessive snow also risk additional damage to skylights because of heavy snow loads.

3. Injury

 Homeowners who perform general roof maintenance such as sweeping, clearing gutters and checking on roofing shingles also have a higher risk of injury when the roof has a skylight. Not all skylights are made to withstand a human’s weight, and it is easy to trip or fall onto a skylight. In fact, the Occupational Safety and Health Administration of Washington, DC, lists a skylight in the same category as open holes.

Energy Loss

Most roofing contractors explain to homeowners how a skylight can also result in energy loss. These products can have a negative impact on heating and cooling costs. skylights just don’t offer enough of a barrier to prevent heat from escaping in the winter and cool air from seeping out in the summer.

Roof Damage

Roofs with skylights are also more likely to experience damage or need roof shingle replacement faster than standard roofs. Rain, ice and snow can easily seep through the sides and edges of a skylight. If this damage goes undetected, it can cause the roof to have problems and may eventually require a total roof shingle replacement.

Skylights Take Up Space

These products take up space on the rooftop, making it difficult for roofing contractors to move about which can increase the cost of roofing repair or replacement, and make it excessively difficult for experts to complete their jobs.

Bottom Line

No one questions that skylights contribute to interior beauty but they can also increase the cost of repairs and the cost of electricity. As a homeowner or building, you must consider all aspects of installing a skylight. Remember to consider all hidden costs, including roof maintenance and repair.

Smart Ways to Maintain Your Roof

While we’re pleased to be a reliable roofing company homeowners can count on when roof repair work needs to be done, we also understand the importance of saving money by being proactive about roof maintenance. This is why we’re going to talk about smart ways you can maintain your roof and minimize the need for urgent or unexpected roof-related repairs.

Check Your Shingles Frequently

The shingles on your roof should be checked from time to time, especially when there’s a severe storm or high winds. A safe way to do this from the ground is to stand in a place where you can get a good view of your roof with a pair of binoculars. Pay particular attention to shingles that may be: 

• Missing or clearly loose

• Curled, cracked, or peeling

• Missing a lot of granules

If you spot any of the above problem, contact a qualified roofing contractor. If shingle damage is ignored, you could end up with leaks, damage from moisture, and other issues.

Look for ‘Hidden’ Leaks

As long as we’re on the topic of spotting things sooner rather than later, check the inside of your home in areas where leaks sometimes go undetected. The attic is a prime spot, but also check in corners where you have high bookshelves or other objects that may be keeping leaks from being easily seen. Other signs of hidden roof leaks to look for within your home include: 

• Certain rooms with musty odors

• Water stains on ceilings in certain areas

• Similar marks on the inside portion of walls

• Peeling paint or bulging patches on parts of inside walls

Wash Off Your Roof

Shingle roofs sometimes become less visually appealing because of algae growth. While algae won’t cause any immediate damage to your roof, it could eventually contribute to rotting. A simple solution is to clean off your roof with a mixture of half water and half bleach.

Clean Your Gutters

You’ll likely be calling on roofers more often if you have gutters that are clogged with leaves and other debris. The accumulated water that stays on your roof instead of running off could work its way under your roof’s top layer and cause widespread damage if proper drainage isn’t restored. If you want to minimize your seasonal gutter-cleaning duties, consider a specially designed gutter cover to keep debris out as water flows off your roof.

Have Nearby Branches Trimmed

Trees can certainly add beauty and value to your property, but they can also contribute to roof damage if branches are too close to your home. This is more likely to be a problem during storms or when winds are high. Minimize this potential source of roof damage by having trees near your home regularly trimmed. With new tree plantings, be proactive about preventing future roof issues by keeping the following guidelines in mind: 

• Large trees 70 feet or higher: Plant at least 20 feet away from your home.

• Medium-sized trees between 30-70 feet: Plant at least 15 feet away from your home.

• Small trees 30 feet or less in height: Plant at least 8-10 feet away from your home.

Have Your Chimney Inspected

If a chimney is falling apart or crumbling in certain areas, bricks could fall off easily and damage your roof. Even minor structural damage can make your chimney more susceptible to the type of damage that’s not good for your roof, especially as seasons change.

When you get a chimney inspection done, be sure to have any detected issues with cracks or missing mortar taken care of. Also, have the flashing around your roof checked since worn or damaged flashing can give water a way to get into your home.

Keep a Record of Your Roof’s Maintenance/Repair History

Another way to maintain your roof is to keep track of any repair work you’ve had done over the years. This information can come in handy if you need to call on a roofing company for repairs and you’re at a point where you are deciding between additional repairs or a possible replacement. The maintenance and repair records you keep for your roof should include: 

• The age of your roof

• Results from previous roof inspections

• The extent of previous damage

• What specific type of repair work was done

Being smart about roof repair doesn’t mean you still can’t turn to a reliable roofing contractor for assistance. Annual inspections performed by qualified roofers, for instance, can make it easier to correct minor roof-related problems before they become major ones.

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