As a new home owner it can be difficult to know the signs of roof damage and what to do when you find it. Often times, there are more than one thing that requires your attention that are closer to the ground and more visible every day. These things, understandably, capture your attention more, but the truth is the most important thing about your home is your roof. The scary truth about that is that waiting to long to fix your small roof problems can make it turn into big roof problems which will cost more money. 

How to Know When You Need Help

How do you know you need your roof repaired? There are some obvious signs, like pieces of roof falling to the ground or shingles that are sprinkled across your lawn, but there are some other sings to watch out for. Some of these other signs include: 

• Leaks- Dripping water from the ceiling when it is raining is a sure sign of a leak. 

• Energy bill increase- When there are open spaces in your roof, you could be losing heat and other energy. 

• Bubbly paint on the walls or ceiling- Sometimes the leaks will not fall or flow somewhere that makes a leak evident, but will go into the walls and ceiling. The moisture will raise the paint and make it appear bubbly. 

• Roof looks wavy- Though heat can reflect off your roof and make them appear wavy, when the singles need to be repaired from rain or damage, they can be wavy from being warped, wet, or misaligned. 

• Shingles are not straight- When shingles are out of their line or disheveled, that means they are no longer in their original spot and therefore not protecting that area. 

• Shingles are discolored or cracked- When shingles are discolored, they can be from consistent damage, from mold, or can even be wet. That can cause them to crack over time. 

• Stains on the interior roof- You may not always be able to see a leak. But when you see discoloration or a stain on your roof, it is water damage and means your roof needs repair. 

Why is it Important to Act Quickly

You can be tempted to hold off on getting repairs if you are only missing a few shingles. But the truth is holding off could cause more damage, costing you more money. Your house is important. Your family lives there, and you need to have a roof over their head that is strong and secure. 

It may not seem important to fix those few shingles right away but if it rains and leaks down beyond those shingles to the roof and attic it can cause serious damage. This damage could spread further than just cosmetic. You will have to replace your whole roof and possibly more than just the roof if it continues. 

Acting quickly means that instead of spending thousands on new insulation, a new roof or more, you just repair the present damage. This can be anything from a few broken shingles to a little leak and some insulation and material under your shingles that are wet. Acting quickly can save you money. 

Who Do You Call

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After knowing what to look for and finding what needs to be fixed, you need to know who to call. Who you are looking for are roofers. A roofer is a roofing contractor from a roofing company. Call a reputable roofing company and make sure that you speak to a contractor that can give you a decent proposal. This proposal should include the following:

• A Full work description- This means a very detailed description of the work that is to be done. 

• A detailed list of all roofing materials, including underlayment, flashing locations and size of nails. 

• Any warranty that is included for life or a certain amount of time.

• Time-frame- make sure that this is addressed from the start to ensure they are available within the time you need it done. 

• Any additional costs and issues needing to be addressed- this most often includes sub roofing or specific flashings.

• Waste removal- roofing is a messy job. Ensure that there is a plan of action to clean up that mess. 

• Licenses and Insurance- Make sure the company you choose has insurance and proper licenses for the necessary work.

• Permits, code enforcement and fees- there are sometimes roofing applications and fees to be processed for roof construction. 

Now that you know what to look for and who to call you can be better prepared for your roofing needs. Make sure to pay attention to your roof and what problems there may be. Then contact a professional who can help you.